For young people

Education pays off!

In Germany, vocational training is very important. Why?

Vocational training is a precondition for a successful career. In most professions, working without appropriate training is not even possible. Having passed vocational training, you will get a higher salary.

Furthermore, you can even start earning money during your training in a company. Which means learning is paying off immediately.

However, which kind of training is the right one?

Do you like working with cars? Or with timber? You want to work in an office? Or become a cosmetician or salesperson? Or maybe an electrician? Or you just don’t know yet?

There is a suitable vocational training for you as well. Moreover, we will support you in finding it! Also, we support you in passing successfully.

Can I participate in the program Wirtschaft integriert?

You are younger than 27 years? And speak a little German already?

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Which kind of support can I get?

With us, you can try out different professions, improve your German language skills and start your career!

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Where can I participate?

You can take part everywhere in Hesse.

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Where can I ask questions?

You have questions? You want to enroll?

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